What Is Your Stand on Environmental Issues?

Environmental problems are becoming more serious due to human action. Several of the most significant issues impact natural systems, including global warming, water scarcity, pollution, and biodiversity loss. Thankfully, some solutions are available and you may already be a champion of a greener planet. But what are your stances on environmental issues? And how do you plan to change the world? We’ve outlined the most important environmental issues below. friendster.biz

Global warming is a major concern, and the U.S. population is growing by over 1,700,000 people each year. This rapid population growth results in the loss of vast amounts of farmland and open land. Deforestation is another issue affecting human well-being. It also results in the loss of open land and valuable resources like water, minerals, and food. These changes also impact the environment by making people more vulnerable to natural disasters.

Pollution has become an increasingly serious problem, with the World Health Organization estimating that 90% of the world’s population is exposed to air pollution. Reducing air pollution is a critical step in preventing seven million deaths annually. netlog.biz  Water pollution is another major issue, and many cities throughout the world lack clean water. This exacerbates the problem of scarce water resources. The UN recommends that we stop dumping, reduce chemical use, and treat wastewater properly.

State and local governments are faced with difficult trade-offs when enforcing environmental laws. Business lobbyists lobby for weakening these laws and regulations, but some polluters manage to find ways around the system. It costs money to hire inspectors to enforce the law. Likewise, buying land to protect the watershed competes with other state priorities. Environmental issues often pit jobs against cleaner air, more conservation, and both economic benefits. hyves.biz

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