Is Abstract Art a Crutch For People Who Can’t Draw?

There are many pros and cons to abstract art. It can be a crutch for those who cannot draw or paint realistically, but for those who can’t, it can be a great outlet for their creativity. It doesn’t need to be a representation of anything, but it does need to be created by someone who is capable of doing so. For instance, abstract art by John Monteith is geometric and abstract. He graduated with a BA in 1997 and went back for an MFA at Parsons in New York in 2008. He has lectured in Switzerland and Germany, among others.

Many critics have criticized abstract art as a “crutch for people who can’t draw” – but Pollock’s response to his critics was a brilliant example of what he meant. He famously said, “No chaos, damn it!”. In addition to ignoring the rules of art, abstract art has a very high degree of individuality. It is the result of the artist’s intent, so every mark on an abstract painting is the result of his actions. When the artist leaves a painting outside in the rain, watermarks appear on it.

Although it’s important to understand the history of Abstract Expressionism and its criticisms, it’s not necessary to know everything about it. As a general rule, you can evaluate abstract art by how it makes you feel – and not by the wall label. This will help you gauge the quality of the piece. In the end, abstract art is an extension of yourself, not a crutch.Visit here me: thedolive ¬†Touch here visit now: topwebs

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