How to Open Baccarat Casino DQ8

To start, you’ll need to activate the crystal ball inside the Dragon Graveyard. This will allow you to travel to
. You can also rest in a free resting area. If you want to enter Baccarat itself, you’ll need to obtain the Mini Medal #38 from the cabinet. But how do you activate it? Below, we’ll show you how.

Activating the crystal ball inside the Dragon Graveyard

Activating the crystal ball inside the Dragon graveyard is an optional mission. This mission can be accomplished after clearing the level 100 difficulty. It contains quality loot. The chest contains a reaper gem fragment and a copy of The Book of Life and Service. To complete the mini-game, you need to align the stones in the right order. You can find a solution to the mini-game below.

Once you’ve cleared the level 100 quest, you’ll need to activate the crystal ball inside the Dragon Graveyard. First, head to the southwest area of the dragon graveyard. You’ll see the Ideal Master Crystal hanging in the sky. Then, climb the path around this structure counterclockwise. Once inside, make sure you avoid the bone men that are standing on top of the structure. The orb is hidden behind stacked stone slabs. When you’ve reached the southwest part, you’ll find a chest with a soul.

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In the Baccarat game, the player’s goal is to obtain the highest hand in two dealt hands. The winning hand is closest to nine when all pips are added up. Face cards are worth zero and aces count as one. A face card and an eight do not equal eighteen, sixteen, or seventeen. In the Baccarat game, there are many different hands that can be created. To play the game, players will need at least eight cards and a baccarat table. ufabet

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