Drinks to help you fall asleep easily

Has anyone had the same insomnia? For friends who have insomnia as well. Let’s take a look at this article first. I saw him say that eating or drinking something can help us sleep easier too. In this article, we’re taking “drinks that are easy to find. Helps to sleep well” Let’s leave with friends. What kind of drink will help you sleep easily? Let’s follow.

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1. Warm milk

For friends who want to sleep well and full. Try to get fresh milk to eat before bed. It may help Sis sleep more comfortably. because milk contains tryptophan Amino acids that help synthesize the hormone melatonin. hormones that help relax And if it’s warm milk, even better. This is because warm milk that passes through the digestive tract helps to regulate the body’s core temperature. Causing the body temperature to drop gradually, making you feel sleepy with the value

2. Cocoa and Warm Chocolate

Let’s continue with another smooth drink that helps you sleep well too. like cocoa and hot chocolate Let me tell you that besides cocoa and chocolate, it will help increase nutrients and serotonin. happy hormones Make a good mood relax. Cocoa also contains flavonoids. that improves blood flow and oxygen to the brain As a result, we sleep more easily. For the sis who likes smooth drinks Try to find hot cocoa before bed, it should be good, sis.

3. Honey with lemon

As for the sweet and sour drink, eat and soak your throat like honey and lemon. It is another drink that helps with sleep very well. Because besides the sweetness of honey, it helps the body to relax from fatigue. There is also a lemon that helps clear the residue in the intestines. Help us not to feel uncomfortable. Make sleeping more comfortable with it. It also allows us to excrete well in the morning. very good for health

4. Chamomile tea

When it comes to drinks that help you sleep well, how can you miss chamomile tea? Even though it is reputed to be tea, this flower tea does not contain caffeine. It also has a pleasant scent that makes it easy to relax and sleep. Many people choose to drink warm chamomile tea before bed to sleep well until the morning. But in addition to the properties that help to sleep easily Chamomile tea has many other benefits. such as nourishing the heart reduces menstrual pain skin care Reduce skin allergy symptoms as well. really useful

5. Fresh Coconut Water

But besides warm drinks, fruit drinks like coconut water can help your sis relax. Sleep well too Because coconut water contains magnesium and potassium. muscle relaxants And coconut water is also rich in B vitamins that can help reduce stress levels. Eating coconut water helps us relieve stress. I feel relaxed until I sleep well enough.

6. Banana Almond Smoothie

If You like to eat smoothies, try a fruit smoothie. like banana and almond smoothie This drink can also help with sleep. such as bananas that contain many beneficial nutrients One of them is magnesium and potassium. Nutrients that help relax muscles The tryptophan and melatonin in bananas and almonds It is a good helper for us to relieve anxiety. It can also reduce insomnia. Bananas and almonds are a great duo to help us sleep soundly.

7. Passion Fruit Juice

Next is fruit juice like passion fruit juice. Sweet and sour fruit juice is refreshing to eat, but did you know that passion fruit is a good sleep aid? Because passion fruit contains serotonin. It is a substance that acts to regulate sleep. It helps reduce stress and depression, thus making our bodies fall asleep easier. There are also experimental results saying that Drinking passion fruit tea can help us sleep better as well.

This is “drinks that are easy to find. Helps to sleep well ” that we put in this article. In addition to being easy to find. It tastes delicious. There are also many nutrients that are beneficial to the body. For anyone who has insomnia problems. Let’s try to find these drinks to eat.

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