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The British YouTuber has long been the subject of jokes  about his height. In one of his videos, KSI reacted to a fan who tried to measure his height with a measuring tape. The YouTuber laughed and said he didn’t look six feet tall Worldnewsite.

KSI started recording his YouTube videos when he was still in high school. He initially focused on FIFA video games but has since branched out into other genres livechatvalue such as vlogs and music videos. In 2013 he visited Las Vegas and spoke about his plans for a paid-channel subscription on YouTube

Although KSI began his career writing and performing rap songs for YouTube, he has also recorded songs that are more serious. He has achieved four top 40 singles in the UK Singles Chart, with two of them peaking in the top ten. In addition, he has featured in films such as Laid in America (2016) and Can’t Lose (2018)

KSI has used his wealth to help various charitable causes. He donated $10,000 to YouTuber Castro1021. He also participated in a charity event called the Race Against Slime to help raise money for the SpecialEffect foundation, which develops technologies to assist people with disabilities in playing video games

KSI’s personal life has been relatively private. While he tends to keep his professional life separate from his private life, he has been open about his relationship with his girlfriend. The two met through the application app Tinder. He has had previous relationships as well. He dated former YouTuber Seana Cuthbert for two years, and he dated Lois Sharpe in 2017 news247 com.

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