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A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Business Degree Can Lead to Lucrative Careers

A four-year degree in computer science can lead to lucrative careers. Some of the most popular jobs in computer science and business are database administrator and computer programmer. If you enjoy data and working with people, you might enjoy a career in the information management field. You can find job openings in information technology consulting or database management. Moreover, you can also pursue a career as an analyst of technology consulting services. The list of available jobs is nearly endless.

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Business Administration degree provides you with a solid background in both fields. In addition to business, computer science can be used in many other fields in business. A Computer Information System (CIS) Manager manages programs and systems. A software developer may work for a tech company as a business analyst. Another career option in computer science involves investment banking and business analysis. A computer analyst may work for Morgan Stanley Canada or CIBC World Markets.

Information systems specialists manage and maintain the company’s most vital data. In a finance company, a DBA might set up a database server to manage customer transactions. He or she must structure the information effectively, while ensuring the safety of its data. A CS degree helps you develop a mental model of databases. In this field, a business analyst can be hired to develop and implement new software or to analyze existing databases.

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