3 Effective Health Products Available Today

In the modern world of 2022, there is a wide range of products that can improve the health and well-being of millions of people around the world. Some products are used for personal fitness, such as running machines or weight lifting equipment. It is estimated that the world fitness industry is worth over $89 billion, with nearly 40% of Americans having a membership to a local gym. Health products are not limited to the world of personal fitness, however. There is a range of products currently on the market that offer a wide range of benefits, from improved quality of sleep to better nutrition. This article explores three different health products that can be of significant benefit to millions of people around the world.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are now a common part of home tech, and can be found in many households, especially when their inhabitants suffer from common breathing problems, such as asthma. Air purifiers work by removing particulates from the air through a complex system of filtration. Typically, the air is drawn through materials, such as paper or fibreglass, that serve to trap particles that are above a certain size. The result is that the air is free of small particles, such as bacteria and pollutants. These devices can be extremely effective in helping people with minor respiratory conditions breathe more easily. Asthma sufferers can find relief by installing a high-quality HEPA-rated purifier, along with people who suffer from various allergies. There is some evidence to suggest that air purifiers may be able to lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation. See here for some of the best air purification devices on the market today.

Food Thickening Agents

Food-thickening agents can be extremely beneficial for people who have experienced a stroke. Many stroke patients suffer from difficulties in swallowing (known as dysphagia), which can lead to problems with eating and drinking, as there is an increased risk of choking. It can also cause discomfort when consuming a beverage if the swallowing reflex is not functioning effectively. Thankfully, there is a range of food-thickening agents on the market today that have been specifically designed to help dysphagia patients. John Holahan is recognized for creating a food thickening agent made from gel, rather than conventional starch-based ingredients. This type of thickening agent can be far more palatable for patients to drink and has proved to be effective in helping stroke patients with dysphagia live more enjoyable lives.

Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are a common feature of any well-equipped gym and are popular with a wide range of fitness enthusiasts. The modern exercise bike was thought to be invented in 1965 by cycle company Schwinn when it launched its Exercer model. The latest exercise bikes often feature computers that can measure the distance traveled. Many models have more advanced features, such as sensors on the bike handles, that can monitor a person’s heart rate, and calorie counting software, which can show the total and average calories burned over time. In short, exercise bikes have opened the world of improved fitness to millions of people and can often be found in private homes, thanks to their compact designs.

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